When there are five people, all with different course backgrounds, things can get a bit messy. Overall, I think that we have a pretty strong group because we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, it gets hard trying to piece together the puzzle of “Seasonality in the St. Lawrence River” when we have all been working on different parts of the puzzle. We’re currently in the process of trying to make quantifiable connections between precipitation, temperature, ice cover, and shipping in different parts of the St. Lawrence river. We’ve made plots in Matlab that link some of these aspects together, but we still need to come up with a good method to describe the relationship between these variables. 

This week, I managed to create a plot that compares average yearly ice cover in the St. Lawrence River basin to average yearly precipitation and temperature in Rimouski. Ice and temperature seemed to share an almost inverse relationship, which was expected, but precipitation does not show a clear relationship to the other two variables. In the near future, we still need to split up the data by seasons and quantitatively compare the data. Additionally, the precipitation data contains both rainfall and snowfall data. Showing the two types of precipitation separately could lead to an interesting analysis. While I’ve been working mainly on this, other group partners have been working on quantifying other types of data that change with seasonality in the St. Lawrence River, like the relationship between shipping and the length of the ice season.

So far I’ve been enjoying this course a lot; being in a small group for this project means that everyone becomes pretty well connected. I’ve enjoyed being able to apply my knowledge from other classes to this real world problem. I think that the project has been running pretty smoothly over the last couple of weeks. The biggest problem in my opinion is trouble meeting up due to schedule differences or trying to figure out somebody else’s Matlab code. Luckily, communication seems to be pretty good in this group and problems are solved pretty fast. I think that we’re quickly realizing how this puzzle of seasonality in the St. Lawrence River is supposed to fit together, it’s only a matter of time before we see the full picture.